SingTel EasyData Roaming Charges

March 10, 2014 · Posted in Economy · Comment 

singtel logo SingTel EasyData Roaming Charges

Special corporate plan (DataRoam Saver) is available with SingTel to provide unlimited data-roaming charges to mobile users. See below for more information…

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Latest IT News in Mid February 2014

February 24, 2014 · Posted in Applications · Comment 

facebook whatsapp Latest IT News in Mid February 2014

I hardly blog or comment on the latest news that are happening in the Information Technology (IT) industry; but this time is hard not to talk about. Two major events have taken place within this week (of 17th February), which have major impacts on end users around the world.

Whatsapp, the fastest growing social media mobile messaging application in the world, having 450 millions users was bought over by Facebook in a US$19 billion bid. This is the largest bid by Facebook, since they last acquire Instagram for over a bIllion US dollars. However, not all is rosy… Facebook stock dropped a couple of percent before rallying back. Moreover, just within 3 days Whatsapp experienced a brief outage, causing million of users to be disconnected from the network. Facebook and Whatsapp have attributed it to exploding number of new users registering for the service, as well as a commonality among fast growing technology companies. Anyway, normal operations were resumed within a couple of hours.

The other major news in the IT industry is related to security flaw found in Apple’s operation system, iOS. It was recently discovered that the flaw could allow someone to interject themselves electronically into transactions you make on your iPhone or iPad, allowing them to access a lot of your information you thought was secure (for instance, credit card numbers). As soon as it was made known to Apple, an iOS upgrade was pushed out to the public. Interestingly, the last known stable iOS version was 7.0.4, however, when I checked today, it was already version 7.0.6; somehow there might be an issue with the supposedly “fixed” version, and hence the immediate replacement.

Two major news within a space of a few days were sufficient to rock the world. People could start to think if Blackberry Messenger (BBM) will be a replacement for Whatsapp, or should people starting thinking about Android phone instead of sticking with proprietary iOS. Only consumers will have the answer.

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Drive Meter 4.3 – Windows Desktop Gadget

February 16, 2014 · Posted in Applications · Comment 

drives meter gadget Drive Meter 4.3   Windows Desktop GadgetWhen Microsoft introduce Windows XP, a lot of developers were keen to make use of the desktop feature to illustrate live feeds. Then, comes along Windows 7, which fully embedded gadgets as part of its installation. Since then, I cannot remember when Microsoft decided to discontinue the support of gadgets, and hence no apps is now available on Microsoft site.

Nevertheless, there is no lack of useful desktop gadgets out there, developed by external developers, and one of them is Drives Meter (see image on the right). It shows how much is my hard disk is being utilized at any point in time. Currently, this is hardly anywhere to be found, except maybe on the developer’s home page and I am not sure if the latest version out there is authentic. Nevertheless, I have one that’s running well on my Windows 7 machine and decided to share the link below.

Download Link: Drives Meter version 4.7 (160kB)

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Happy Chinese New Year 2014

January 31, 2014 · Posted in Anything · Comment 

horse 2014 Happy Chinese New Year 2014

I would like to wish all readers a very happy Chinese New Year in 2014, the year of the horse!
May you be blessed with good health, luck and prosperity.

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A L Lim Clinic for Women

December 22, 2013 · Posted in Anything · Comment 

allim clinic for women 300x215 A L Lim Clinic for Women

Dr. A. L. Lim is a renowned Obstetrician and Gynecologist, based in Thomson Medical Centre. You can find the relevant fees from the attachment above.

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Thong Thai Traditional Thai Massage – Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

December 7, 2013 · Posted in Entertainment Industry · Comment 

20131208 142329 Thong Thai Traditional Thai Massage   Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Do you like Thai massages? If so, then there is one you should not miss (if you are living in Singapore or southern part of West Malaysia). About 4 years ago when I first owned a car in Singapore, I began to explore destination outside the country, and travelling across the causeway to Johor Bahru became one of my hobbies and still is today (except less frequent). One day, I came upon a shopping mall, known as Holiday Plaza, and that was where I learnt about Thong Thai Traditional Massage.

My initial experience was unbelievable great. At that time, the massage parlour was located on the 3rd storey in Holiday Plaza. Nevertheless, it is unlikely you will miss it, as the place took up quite a considerable large floor space. In addition, the entrance is wide and facing the corridor, with banners to identify it clearly. I won’t explain in details, but as compared to some of the local (Singapore) Thai massage parlour, this is one level better in standard. All the masseuses are Thai, and there are also occasional male Thai masseurs for those who require additional strength. As customers, you can indicate your preference, subject to availability. The end result was a vibrant, refreshing me, walking out of the parlour feeling fully satisfied and on cloud nine.

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Gallery of posts up to 11-23-2013

November 23, 2013 · Posted in Thumb Gallery · Comment 
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Site Statistics Over Past 12 Months in 2013

November 22, 2013 · Posted in Site Info · Comment 

site top 10 posts Site Statistics Over Past 12 Months in 2013

This week, I decided to review my current site to see what are the top posts that visitors have been accessing. Quite stunning result, yet not surprising, the home page is ranked 4th on the list of most views. Below are the top 3 posts:

  1. NSMen Standard Battle Order and Full Battle Order List
  2. Lambert Academic Publishing
  3. Mobile Broadband Price Comparison in Singapore

It seems that there are tonnes of Singaporean men, who have completed their 2-year National Service cycle and when they returned back to army for their reservist, it is almost we have forgotten who are the items to bring. I pulled out data for one-year trend to see how much this particular post was garnering traffic for the site.

nsmen one year trend Site Statistics Over Past 12 Months in 2013

The highest was found to be in July this year. Nevertheless, I am more than happy to welcome more traffic (of course)! As such, I have updated that post to include more later versions of list to be brought (for detail, access the link)

For the other 2 top posts, I have no idea why they have been popular – the only guess I could make is these are pretty niche content. Unfortunately, I don’t have much resource to update these contents; otherwise, these should be really good revenue-generating traffic sources. (Source: the statistics were obtained from Jetpack, installed with WordPress)

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