New Google Font on Front Page

September 5, 2015 · Posted in Social Networking · Comment 

Google Singapore Logo

Did anyone realize that there is a change in the Google logo on the home page of the world’s most popular search engine? I am not sure how many of you are aware or have spotted it, but I find that the font size is a little different that usual Google logo.

Firstly, it looks thinner. Secondly, it gives user a very ‘simple’ look (although technically nothing has changed in terms of colour). I guess, it is the way of simplifying the ways we do things.

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Singapore Elections 2015

August 30, 2015 · Posted in Politics · Comment 

Singapore ElectionsSingapore Elections 2015 is coming up round the corner, with the Polling Date decided on Friday, September 11th, 2015. Two weeks away, Singaporeans are recommended to check their voting eligibility here. It will exciting to see what comes up between the ruling party, People’s Action Party (PAP) and the opposition parties.

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WordPress Upgraded to Version 4.3

August 21, 2015 · Posted in Site Info · Comment 

WordPress LogoIt has been quite some time since I last logged onto my WordPress. Today, I just happened to came in to take a look, so there are a few plugins and the WordPress version to be upgraded.

The first thing I knew I had to do is to upgrade my WordPress version to 4.3 (latest), to ensure the security flaws and bugs are fixed. Below are some of the new stuffs that comes along with this version.


  • Formatting Shortcuts while using visual editor.
    • Use * or – to start an unordered list.
    • Use 1. or 1) to start an ordered list.
    • Use ## for H2 and ### for H3 (etc, through H6).
    • Use > to transform text into blockquote.


  • All new pages that you create will have comments turned off by default.


  1. Menus can now be managed with the Customizer, which allows you to see “live” preview changes without changing your site for visitors until you are ready.
  2. Customizer improvements including enhanced accessibility, smoother menu creation and location assignment, and the ability to handle nameless menus.
  3. Take control of another piece of your site with the Site Icon feature. You can now manage your site’s favicon and app icon from the Admin area.
  4. Customize link added in the toolbar to swiftly make changes to your site.


  • Better Passwords. Password field will be automatically filled with a strong password, while adding new users and resetting the password.

More information can be found here.

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Free Windows 10 Download for Windows 7 and 8 Users

July 21, 2015 · Posted in Applications · Comment 

Microsoft LogoMicrosoft has offered existing Windows 7 and 8.1 users free upgrade to Windows 10 version.

This change is for the Windows Insider Program ONLY, and is specific to how we’re delivering the Insider Preview builds. Available from July 29th onwards, users do not need an MSA to upgrade Windows 10 on their Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 systems if they are not receiving Insider Preview builds. Users will not be required to use an MSA on new PCs that come with Windows 10 preinstalled or clean installed from media. Some features in Windows 10 do require an MSA to use, such as downloading apps in the Windows Store.

More information is available here:

Upcoming Windows 10 Insider Preview
Windows 10 FAQ

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Gallery of posts up to 06-28-2015

June 28, 2015 · Posted in Thumb Gallery · Comment 
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Can You Not Be An Asshole?

June 28, 2015 · Posted in Anything · Comment 

Calculation to Who You Are

This is the power of Mathematics, just on Numbers. No matter how you calculate, the answer is obvious. 

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Hot Saturday Afternoon in June (2015)

June 27, 2015 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comment 

What a Hot Afternoon

These days, waking up in the morning without air-conditioning in the house is a rare sight. Somehow, it appears that global warming has “reached” Singapore. The difference is significant. For instance, I kept my living room air-conditioned. The moment I opened the door into the kitchen, without even stepping into the kitchen itself, a gush of hot air blasted straight into my face. The feeling of the heat symbolises that of hot scorching sun in the African desert. As I am typing this post on my dining table in my living room; my air-conditioning unit is simply working hard to keep the house cool.

I hope this won’t last too long. The longer the dry spell, the higher possibility that haze will come soon… then it will be time to bring out my air purifier again.

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Mathematical Approach to Solving Cheryl’s Birthday

June 1, 2015 · Posted in Anything · Comment 

Cheryl Birthday Question

Solution to Cheryl's BirthdayA couple of months ago, there was this very infamous Mathematics Olympiad question that was leaked out to the public. It was known to be created by a professor in a Singapore university. The question is as follows:

Want to know how it can be solved using algebra? Click on on the icon image at the top-right of this post.

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