Visited SITEX 2008

November 30, 2008 · Posted in Anything · 1 Comment 

SITEX 2008 Logo - Your Digital Playground

This year’s SITEX 2008 is held at the Singapore Expo Hall 5 – 6; although I did not initially plan to go today, but decided that I could simply drop by to take a look. I went there by bus, since it was quite near where I stay.

Upon arrival, I noticed a huge wave of visitors – far too much to describe. There were long chains of cars queuing up to enter the carpark. Inside the exhibition halls were also croweded with people, sardine-packed and cramped as people walk through the passage side-by-side, with shoulder-tugging activities a common sight.

Anyway, I ended up buying nothing, although I would have though a digital camera, a light-weight laptop or a 8GB thumb-drive to replace my current 1GB thumb-drive. Nevertheless, with this so-called economic recession occuring throughout the world, it is almost unbelievable that people are still spending like mad. Where’s the recession?

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500 Posts Reached

November 30, 2008 · Posted in Site Info · 1 Comment 

500 PostsCongratulations to the Secret Knight’s site! This post is the 500th post published so far on this blog.

Well, probably it does not mean so much for a lot of others, but I guess this statistics will stay for quite some time until I hit the next 500 posts. So, not too bad; it has taken about a year’s of effort (of writing) to reach this milestone. It is likely to take another year or so to reach the millennium.

As I speak, I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you to the readers who have constantly keeping up with my blog posts; robots and spiders that have been crawling the site and update the content onto the search engines; spammers who constantly plague my web (but thanks to Akismet); and also strangers who just stumbled by.

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Spams on Low Count Recently

November 30, 2008 · Posted in Site Info · 1 Comment 

Spam and Hacker

Recently, it was observed that spam count has greatly reduced on my site as Akismet has captured lesser spams these days. I wondered if it is because those spammers have realised certain WordPress sites are running the widely-popular Akismet tool that makes it difficult for spam comments to get through.

Nonetheless, this is great news! So, hopefully the number of spams will continue for an all-time low for the remaining of this month, up till the end of the year.

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Tiring Walking with Heavy Packs

November 29, 2008 · Posted in Rant Corner · 1 Comment 

Route MarchOkay, got to keep things short here – data privacy concern. It was an extremly tiring walk, mainly because I have not been physically fit for quite some time.

Although I have injured my back some time back, which has now recovered, I realised I had aggravated that area when the backpack was stressed on to my back. Anyway, I hung on just to complete it. If the distance was to be any further, I would have faltered.

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Gallery of posts up to 11-28-2008

November 29, 2008 · Posted in Thumb Gallery · 1 Comment 

Journal Thumbnail Gallery

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New Christmas Carol for 2008 – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

November 29, 2008 · Posted in Anything · 1 Comment 

Santa Claus Merry Christmas

Here is the latest Christmas carol for 2008; in commemoration with the current economic situation. What a perfect scenario to cater for next month’s festive season. Ha ha…

Read more

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Forecast for 2009 – Ju Xian Guan

November 27, 2008 · Posted in Anything · Comment 

Year of the OxYear 2009 will be the Year of the Ox. Once again, a lot of people will start to read up on some superstitious books or ask for forecast in 2009 to see how they fare.

Well, worry not; as what I have here is an online version of the future forecast (Thanks, Debra for sending the link). Find out your next year’s health, career, wealth and everything from the link below. Well, if you choose to believe, make sure you believe in it.

File Download: Ju Xian Guan Forecast for 2009 (PDF) [800kB]

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DDoS on Digital Point Forums

November 23, 2008 · Posted in Social Networking · Comment 

Spammer on Digital Point ForumsConsidering this as a daring move, a Digital Point Forums user has created havoc on the site by spamming it with several threads on the Introductions Forum. This is probably one of the rarest time when I see the forums under attack; likely to be a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

So, the site is down for the moment, but I supposed it won’t take too long for the administrator or the moderators to take out that hacker. Fingers crossed!

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