Writing This Post Using Nokia E71

January 31, 2009 · Posted in Inventory · 2 Comments 

Small thumbnail of Nokia E71Oh yes! This is the first time that I am using my newly-purchased Nokia E71 phone to write a post in this blog. However, it’s not as easy as it seems.

The keypad is extremely small such that it takes a dwarf to be able to type on it. Good thing is that, it’s a QWERTY keyboard.

It is definitely going to take some time before I get myself familiarize with this cool gadget.

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Nokia E71 – New Found Liking

January 30, 2009 · Posted in Anything · 2 Comments 

Nokia E71 - EseriesIf you have been reading my posts, you would have realised that I am eyeing on this particular mobile phone – Samsung D980. The capability of this phone is great; being able to support two sim cards simultaneously, also known as Dual Sim.

Today, I went into a mobile phone shop to check out some prices. Then, I came across this phone – Nokia E71 – after introduced by the shop owner. Immediately, I was enchanted by the phone!

Works almost like a PDA or a Blackbery (although they are not the same), the Nokia E71 simply has the feature that I have been looking out for, except for one, which I will explain later. Equipped with Wireless network capability, it can connect to the WiFi network and surf the net easily. Besides, it is sleek and slim – easy to carry around, and read emails.

There is only 1 small issue; that is, the lack of dual sim capability that Samsung D980 offers. However, having considered for quite some time, I believe I might be reaching out for this phone as it probably has what I need as well. Dual sim, on the other hand, is also pretty attractive! Guess I cannot make up my mind now.

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Hovering Dogs

January 28, 2009 · Posted in Pictures · 1 Comment 

Hovering DogsEver captured with your camera something that is extraordinary? I have seen this picture on the website, unsure who the owner might be, but that picture was taken at a great timing!

Enlarging the picture, it is almost made to believe that the two dogs have entered into the Star Galaxy where they hovers from one place to another.

Absolutely incredible and hilarious!

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SAP To Axe 3,000 Jobs

January 28, 2009 · Posted in Rant Corner · 1 Comment 

Associated Press talks about SAPForbes has published an article on SAP profit in 2008, but would expect to retrench 3,000 people from their jobs. According to George Frey, SAP profit margin has dropped by 2 percent in 2008, compared to the previous year. As part of cost-cutting measure, the company has decided to handout 3,000 golden handshakes.

If you realised what I meant by the statement in the earlier paragraph, SAP actually registered profits in 2008! The only difference is that the expectation of profit is not what they have intended. As a result, heads will roll. The net profit fell from €1.92 billion to €1.89 billion. However, the total revenue increased from €10.2 billion to €11.6 billion.

With over 52,000 employees worldwide, the software company has not yet decided where will the axe fall. Is it in Europe, America or Asia?

Read more

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Gallery of posts up to 01-28-2009

January 28, 2009 · Posted in Thumb Gallery · Comment 

Journal Thumbnail Gallery

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Moustache Unshaved for 3 Days

January 28, 2009 · Posted in Anything · 1 Comment 

Clipart of man with long beardBecause of Chinese New Year tradition, it is stated that a person should avoid contact with sharp objects during the first day of the auspicious event. In other words, I have not shaved for the past 2 days.

Actually, it is not that bad for me. For some of my friends, they became a monster overnight just because they did not shave for 1 day. I still look perfectly fine. However, I feel that I had better shave today (Day 3).

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Need to Update Resume to Include Referral

January 28, 2009 · Posted in Rant Corner · Comment 

Personal Job RefereesMy resume has to include another vital portion in order to be considered for further applications; that is, references. Two references are required, which means I need to find out who will my supporters be.

I do have a few people in mind, but I guess I still need more stronger referees in order to have an attempt at goal. So, I should be working on the referee portion soon.

Finding jobs are not easy these days, especially when I read today’s news that 90,000 people were retrenched in United States and Europe, just on Monday alone. The largest count comes from a Drug-maker company (forgot its name). Glad that I am still living one day, after another, properly.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2009 – Year of the Ox

January 27, 2009 · Posted in Anything · Comment 

Year of the Ox in 2009

Year 2009 is the Year of the Ox. Hopefully, this fresh new year will bring forth better luck and prosperity to everyone in 2009. Especially for all who were (and are) affected by the recent economic downturn, this will be a good time to rework the plan and create better opportunity for oneself and others. Hereby, I would like to wish all,

A Happy “Niu” Year 2009

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