The Romantic Violin on the Brahms Strad

October 27, 2009 · Posted in Anything · 1 Comment 

Brahms StradThe resplendent Brahms Strad is coming to town with violin and piano performance by Min Lee and Vaclav Macha.

Min Lee in Today Article on 12 November 2009 Plus Page 48Catch them at The Arts House, in the historic Chamber Room for a delightful pleasure of sensational music.

A news article “Violins in the system” is also published on Today newspaper, featuring Violinist Min Lee on multi-million-dollar instruments and suicidal composers (click on image at the left).

Ticket: $35 (for students), $50 and $70. Benefits tickets: $200, $500 and $1,000. Please contact Debra for more information (from the link in the image – at the right).

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Ubuntu 9.10 Javascript Not Showing Correctly

October 27, 2009 · Posted in Applications · Comments Off on Ubuntu 9.10 Javascript Not Showing Correctly 

Ubuntu 9.04 or 9.10Ubuntu is releasing the next version of 9.10 this month, also known as (aka) Karmic Koala. As I excitedly check out the home page, I realised something interesting on the JavaScript.

As you can see from the image (at the right), the countdown script is showing Ubuntu 9.04, instead of Ubuntu 9.10! I’m not sure if that is intentional, and I believe I am not the only person who noticed this.

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GeoSmart Showing Source Codes

October 25, 2009 · Posted in Site Info · 1 Comment 

GeoSmart Showing Image Codes

I have written on GeoSmart plugin for WordPress over the last 3 posts – the initial post, GeoSmart 1.5 release and resolving database issues. Recently, I noticed that there is some phenomenon appearing on the Comment tabs (in WordPress).

As you can see from the above (or click here to enlarge image), the source codes are showing up on the comments field. I believe this might have something to do with parsing those PHP codes properly.

Samuel, if you are looking at this, I just hope to bring to your attention. If you have already known about this, please ignore this. Thanks!

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Storage Capacity Limit – Hostmatrix Server

October 21, 2009 · Posted in Social Networking · Comments Off on Storage Capacity Limit – Hostmatrix Server 

Red Alerts on Hostmatrix Server StatusThe Hostmatrix web hosting server is again facing some issue. As it can be seen (on the right-hand side), two of the partitions are reaching the space limit.

Luckily the hosting server is still functioning well, but from the look of it, I hope the server won’t fail.

I’ve raised this ticket in the relevant forums, hope some moderators take a look at it.

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Pastamania Online Menu is Bad

October 21, 2009 · Posted in Rant Corner · 1 Comment 

Optmised Pastmania MenuThe original pixel size of the Pastamania menu on the website is 1000 by 1386 pixels. Okay, it seems quite a large resolution, but guess what, when I clicked on this link (beware, it’s a large file size) to show the full screen of the menu, it took me 5 minutes to download the file completely, so it can be shown on my screen.

I did a check on the file size, and it was a humongous 1.7 Megabytes (MB) of file. Whoever did that website ought to be “lectured”; for wasting resources (bandwidth and storage) and time (for consumers to download files).

Anyway, I took the 1.7 MB file, re-compressed and reduced its quality, but maintaining a reasonable good resolution. The end product is a one-third of the original file size (less than 600 kilobytes (kB)) with almost no noticeable different to the eyes between the 2 files. The file can be downloaded below (or click on the thumbnail image at the top-right).

Download File
Pastamania Menu (600kB)

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Gallery of posts up to 10-21-2009

October 21, 2009 · Posted in Thumb Gallery · Comments Off on Gallery of posts up to 10-21-2009 
Thumbnail gallery plugin by SoftSift
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Nokia 97 – Next Potential Phone

October 21, 2009 · Posted in Inventory · 1 Comment 

Nokia 97

I bought my very own Nokia E71 at the start of this year in January, and now I am looking out for another potential mobile phone.

Erm… no. There is nothing wrong with Nokia E71; in fact I do enjoy using this mobile phone and is probably one of the best around, used by many end users (consumers). The basic reason of why I am looking out for another mobile phone is because of the eligibility of upgrade that is available for me. Therefore, I’m looking out for what is the next better mobile phone available in the market.

Nokia N97 is probably the next better choice, although I don’t rule out the popular smart phone – Blackberry. I am not sure what other choices are good; but currently my preference is Nokia. Any feedback is welcomed.

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Replacement Leave for Deepavali

October 21, 2009 · Posted in Anything · 1 Comment 

DeepavaliEver since I returned from Shanghai, I hardly have time for myself. Work has been pouring in from all angles; but having said that, I still enjoy the things I’ve been working on.

Last Saturday was Deepavali, a public holiday in Singapore. As it falls on a weekend, I am able to get a replacement leave on another day within one month period. Good thing; I decided to take the opportunity to give myself a breather today.

So, where did I go? Well, I had breakfast at Popeye’s – a restaurant that’s so similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). To my knowledge, there are only 3 outlets in Singapore. The one in Tampines is a completely new  branch; and having it opened right inside Century Square, it means competition for KFC. For consumers, it’s just another choice to make.

It is already 3pm in the afternoon. I am still trying very hard not to access my Outlook, knowing it would be myriad of mails pouring through the Exchange servers hitting right into my mailbox. I need to stay calm, focus and composed. Okay, I guess one of the ways to distract my attention is to get myself a cup of coffee. This would probably be my 2nd cup of the day, since morning.

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