Good News on Singapore Budget 2011

February 18, 2011 · Posted in Economy · 1 Comment 

Singapore Budget 2011

To be honest, I wasn’t looking too much into the outcome from Singapore Budget 2011, but news reported from AsiaOne has given me a tinker of interest. Two great news to share here:

  1. All Singaporeans are eligible to receive between $600 and $800 cash, depending on the income level and the housing apartment. Unfortunately, individuals who stayed in expensive houses are only eligible up to $300, despite they could be low earners.
  2. NSmen and NSFs will get an additional $100 of Growth Dividends as recognition for their service to the nation, starting February 2011.
  3. Radio and TV licenses will be removed, with effect from January 2011, due to the reason that it has lost its relevance, as commented by Finance Minister. Refunds will be give to those who have already paid their licenses.

So, it’s not that negative after all. On a side note, I’m sure you agree with me, that we can’t help wondering if this has anything to do with the possible upcoming General Elections.

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Issues with Honda Cars in Singapore

February 18, 2011 · Posted in Economy · Comments Off on Issues with Honda Cars in Singapore 

Honda Jazz

In recent years, there were issues with Toyota cars, resulting in the Japanese companies recalling thousands of cars worldwide. This time round, it is Honda. Close to 2,000 cars were recalled in Singapore for repairs for a faulty spring that could cause the engine to fail to restart in the worst scenario. Basically, Honda Jazz, Freed and City models were affected.

Here, owners will be written to immediately and once replacement parts arrive, they will be contacted to bring their cars in for repair by Kah Motor. Each repair will take close to 3 hours and will be free of charge. As of now, it seems that other vehicles model are unaffected.

Affected vehicles are still considered safe to drive, but owners are advised to contact Kah Motor at 6841-3838 if they encounter engine stalling, abnormal engine noise or elevated water temperatures.

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Gallery of posts up to 02-13-2011

February 13, 2011 · Posted in Thumb Gallery · 1 Comment 
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Deloitte Football Money League 2009-2010

February 12, 2011 · Posted in English Football · 1 Comment 

In the latest report by Deloitte, Real Madrid have topped the league table of the world’s 20 richest football clubs for the 6th consecutive year, with a combined revenue of €438.6m. This is followed by Barcelona (€398.1m) in 2nd place, and Manchester United remains 3rd with a revenue of €349.8m.


4 English teams make the top 10 list; i.e. Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, in addition to Manchester United.

The Deloitte review does not include the cost of transfer fees or player wages, or VAT and other sales taxes, and concentrates solely on day-to-day income from football business.

Income includes money from ticket sales, sponsorship, merchandising and other commercial revenues, television monies, corporate hospitality and non-match day stadium use, such as for conferences.

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Gary Neville Retires from Manchester United

February 3, 2011 · Posted in English Football · Comments Off on Gary Neville Retires from Manchester United 

Manchester United Defender, Gary Neville

Manchester United defender, Gary Neville, has announced his retirement from professional football with immediate effect, according to news reported by BBC yesterday.

He started his professional career with the Red Devils in 2001, and won the Youth FA Cup in 2002, with a group of youngsters – David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Along with those players, he became a first-team regular at Old Trafford, winning the Champions League, 8 Premier League trophies, three FA Cups and two League Cups in his time at United.

Gary Neville was appointed the club captain in 2005, and eventually stepped down in 2010. Without a doubt, he always has the club’s interest at heart. Moving on, he could continue his career into football television punditry, or pursue the coaching side of the game.

Either way, he remains as a iconic legend of Manchester United.

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Countdown to CNY 2011

February 2, 2011 · Posted in Anything · Comments Off on Countdown to CNY 2011 

So fast, another year has passed and it is almost Chinese New Year for 2011 – the year of the Golden Rabbit. In about 12 hours’ time, everyone in Singapore will be counting down towards the festive Lunar New Year, widely celebrated by Chinese all over the world.

Personally, when I look back in time; so many things have actually happened and I simply cannot believe that time just blazes past your eyes. Several things accomplished, some others yet to be done; and probably a handful could be executed in a much better way.

Having said that, I have no complaint and acknowledged that 2010 has been quite a good year for me. Hopefully, in 2011, the year will be better.

Last, but not least, if you are reading this, I’ll just want to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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