Apple Siri Predicts Stormy Week

October 22, 2012 · Posted in Anything · 1 Comment 

Apple SiriWhilst I was sitting down and relaxing on the bench this evening, I whipped out my iPhone 4S to find out what is the weather like for the rest of the evening. To make things slightly interesting, I decided to activate Siri to check out the information. I asked Siri

…What’s the weather for today?…

It responded with a more-than-expected reply.

…You need to carry an umbrella with you. It will be wet until Saturday….

Well? How is that for an Artificial Intelligence answer? Making use of weather forecast to equip user with a predictable response. So far, Siri has been quite useful with Weather Forecast and some other non-useful queries. I am seriously doubtful if it could be further use for productivity initiatives.

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Apple Tracking iPhone Users (Again)

October 13, 2012 · Posted in Inventory · Comments Off on Apple Tracking iPhone Users (Again) 


I vaguely recalled some time back, Apple has to issue a fix to iOS after users discovered it is violating personal data privacy protection. This time, it is back again, in a discrete way.

In iOS 6, it is undoubtedly that Apple has revived tracking, and it is even more effective than ever, but also harder to switch off. Although Apple users can switch off that tracking functionality, it is quite tricky.

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Apple iPhone 4S – My Next Smartphone

October 6, 2012 · Posted in Inventory · 1 Comment 

iPhone 4S - White

I hope you are not laughing at me; yes, I just purchased my next mobile phone (smartphone) today and that is neither iPhone 5 nor Samsung S3, but rather iPhone 4S. Having waited almost a year for Apple’s iPhone 5, since my contract with MobileOne (M1) has expired, it has disappointed me unfortunately.

In my earlier post, I mentioned that all the faults and flaws with the latest device from Apple, I decided to stick with the device that Steve Jobs last publicly announced in 2011, prior his demise.

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Gallery of posts up to 10-01-2012

October 1, 2012 · Posted in Thumb Gallery · 1 Comment 
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