BlackBerry Z10

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BlackBerry Z10The long awaiting BlackBerry Z10 is finally here! After applying for the device last week, it did not take long for SingTel to revert back and confirm the availability of the product. Finally, I received the “state-of-the-art” fully-revamped BlackBerry device on Thursday (earlier this week). I understand from various past research that Lithium ion batteries do not require first-time charge to hold a longer and better battery life. There were also conflicting reports that users should still charge them for 12-14 hours for the first time. I am not going to take the chance to compromise my battery lifespan, so I chose to do the latter. In the midst of the process, I continued to explore my new “toy”.

I used to own a BlackBerry Bold device; so with Z10, the feeling of non-physical keyboard typing is really new for a BlackBerry owner. However, it did not take long for me to get adapted to typing on the new device. Because of this reason, the benefit is that I get to see more information on the screen, whereas the physical keyboard literally took up almost half the device, limiting the amount of content to be displayed. So, that is clearly a win over its predecessor. Unfortunately, as much as I applauded BlackBerry for creating a virtual keyboard that is so comfortable to the end user; in comparison to iPhone’s keyboard, iPhone still wins. Psychologically, typing on an iPhone feels much at ease than on BlackBerry Z10.

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