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November 23, 2013 · Posted in Thumb Gallery · Comment 
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Site Statistics Over Past 12 Months in 2013

November 22, 2013 · Posted in Site Info · Comment 

Top 10 Posts

This week, I decided to review my current site to see what are the top posts that visitors have been accessing. Quite stunning result, yet not surprising, the home page is ranked 4th on the list of most views. Below are the top 3 posts:

  1. NSMen Standard Battle Order and Full Battle Order List
  2. Lambert Academic Publishing
  3. Mobile Broadband Price Comparison in Singapore

It seems that there are tonnes of Singaporean men, who have completed their 2-year National Service cycle and when they returned back to army for their reservist, it is almost we have forgotten who are the items to bring. I pulled out data for one-year trend to see how much this particular post was garnering traffic for the site.

NSMen Post One Year Trend

The highest was found to be in July this year. Nevertheless, I am more than happy to welcome more traffic (of course)! As such, I have updated that post to include more later versions of list to be brought (for detail, access the link)

For the other 2 top posts, I have no idea why they have been popular – the only guess I could make is these are pretty niche content. Unfortunately, I don’t have much resource to update these contents; otherwise, these should be really good revenue-generating traffic sources. (Source: the statistics were obtained from Jetpack, installed with WordPress)

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Best Petrol Deal in Q4 2013 – 21% plus Instant Reward Redemption

November 17, 2013 · Posted in Economy · Comment 

SPC Fuel Promotion with UOB

This is the first I came across a Petrol company giving out 21% immediate discount, and on top of that, allows customers to use Instant Rewards. Redemption Program to take additional dollars off the final bill!

Without keeping you further in suspense, the petroleum company that I’m talking about is SPC (Singapore Petroleum Company), in a joint partnership with UOB (United Overseas Bank). As a UOB credit or debit card member, customers can enjoy up to 21% off petrol price at SPC, as long as you are able to produce a SPC&U membership card (application is free of charge) and charge the bill to a UOB credit or debit card. The instant reward redemption is based on the UNI$ points that you have accumulated on your UOB cards. The way these are calculated is as follows:

  • 10% off petrol purchases with SPC&U Card.
  • 5% off petrol purchases with UOB Credit Card.
  • S$3 petrol discount for every S$50 gross spend. This ensures to 6% discount in a single transaction for every S$42.50 charged to your UOB Visa or MasterCard Card.
  • An additional S$10 off instantly with just UNI$600 (a minimum of S$50 fuel, before discount, applies).

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My iPad 2 Finally Upgraded to iOS 7

November 16, 2013 · Posted in Inventory · Comment 

Apple iPad 2

Nearly 2 years ago, I purchased an Apple iPad 2 directly from Apple Store, more as a Christmas present. At that point in time, my iPad was pre-installed with iOS version 5, which over a period time I upgraded to iOS 5.0.3 when Apple rolled out new upgrades. However, I stopped at the last version of 5.0.x, primarily because there were a lot of review articles mentioning poor battery management after 5.1.x was introduced. It never really got fixed (although some users did claim their iOS devices were functioning well after the fix was applied). I never felt confident at that time.

Remember about a year ago, Apple introduced iOS 6; which was showcased by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple after Steve Jobs stepped down. Instead of bringing more innovation to the users, I find that this version was carelessly rolled out and “fault” in a way, that Tim Cook has to apologized publicly to the users for the inconveniences it caused.

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Mobile Has Better Click Through Rate for Related Posts

November 4, 2013 · Posted in Site Info · Comment 

Statistics for Related Posts

Statistically, the Click-Through Rate for Related Posts show that it converts much better for devices. It is about 1.5 times better than users who accessed my website using Desktop. We also observed that the mobile users do not have so many page views (in terms of volume) – hence, showing the value of quality in the investment of mobile applications.

Desktop seems to be dying off, or at least for browsing purposes. Visitors are, no doubt, becoming more “intelligent” in selecting contents they wanted to read. Hence, the Click-Through-Rate from Desktop users are not as good as that of Mobile users.

Takeaway? It is time now to invest in mobile interface if you have not done so.

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Singapore Telcos Unveil iPad Air Price Plans

November 1, 2013 · Posted in Anything · Comment 

M1, Starhub and SingTel

From today (1st November 2013) onwards, Apple’s newest device – the iPad Air – will go on sales at the 3 local Telecommunication companies in Singapore. All the prices provided below are for two-year contracts. For instance,

  • SingTel is selling the 16B iPad Air at $539 with a 5GB data plan at $29.90 a month.
  • M1 is selling the 16GB iPad Air at $339 with a 10GB data plan at $49.90 a month. It will cost $459 with an 8GB data plan and at $40 a month.
  • StarHub is selling the 16GB iPad Air for $548 with a 6GB data plan for $30 a month. It will cost $412 with an 11GB data plan at $45 a month.

For more detail, refer to the table below.
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