Cleaning up WordPress with Version 4.1

December 21, 2014 · Posted in Site Info · Comments Off on Cleaning up WordPress with Version 4.1 

WordPress CleanupWell, it has been an extremely long time since I blog on my site, and I absolutely feel guilty about it. I am still trying really hard to keep to my commitment to have at least a post written every month. So far, I have kept that record intact since August 2007.

With some time now, I thought of running some regular updates on my WordPress software, upgrading it to version 4.1. Then, I realized that there were several other plugins to be upgraded as well. Taking this opportunity, I simply proceed to write a short blog.

I really do need to keep up with my habit of writing my blog, only then it will keep my interest going. So, hopefully, you (my readers) may get to see more interesting stuffs coming along the way. In the meantime, it’s preparation for Christmas Day in 2014!

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