A Cool Saturday – Reflections

September 13, 2008 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Just want to write some thoughts down, the time now is about half past two in the afternoon and the breeze is blowing gently into the living room through the door. Sitting at the table and typing this post. The mood is calm with serenity overtaking all thoughts that has culminated in the last couple of hours – it is a lovely Saturday afternoon. What an invaluable tranquility that can never be bought by money, only to be bestowed by the gift of nature.

Striking the keyboard built onto an exquisite, plastic-shielded laptop, with good resolution to the relaxing eyes, every keys are met with precise force that transmitted those electronic signals across the motherboard and processor, and eventually displayed on to the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen right in front of my eyes. The yin meets the yang with equal balance whilst time evolves around a centralised pivot – my body and mind.

Over the last couple of days, work, emotions and action tasks have conjectured to form a gigantic cast of nuclear-like effects on my mind, just like each nuclear reaction results in endless chain reactions that eventually erupted into a catastrophic conseqence. Perhaps, “catastrophic” is not an appropriate word to be used here, I would probably simplify it as “big” – the outcome is not as negative as it seems.

I would have no idea how the rest of the afternoon will turn out to be, as nature takes its course. Predictability is one of my forte but sometimes things do not turn out to be expected; that is when I have constantly reminded myself that the world is stochastic. Even with the slimmest likelihood from the the joint probability description in analysing a pattern, there is always an uncertainty at which results do not turn out as what was being forecasted.

There is an extremely priceless thing that I learnt from someone – “Kotodama” – when things do not seem favourable, we have to feel that there is always something good that will somehow come out from it. Well, it turns out that I have the same belief, but probably in a different analogy or perspective. From a yin-yang point-of-view, the world is a vicious circle. Things always happen in a dynamic way; never always in one direction (with the only exception of time, which is one-dimensional as what normal human being perceived, less the physicists and scientists, who have beliefs that time is multi-dimensional). In simpler terms, for example, when a stock market drops in value, there is a probability that it might rise again – thereby defining the dynamic occurence of stochastic behaviour. Such pheonomenal is also applicable to our daily lives.

We might not be living in the dreams of what we imagined or hoping to be, but looking around us, we should be happy in the sense that there are million of other people who are less fortunate and do not even have the variable opportunities that we have. The fact that I am able to type this article and you are able to read this post, is a symbol of wealth at its peak. Contention is to be the practice, happiness should be the aim and health has to be a fortune. More often, we overlook the sincerity in people and the understanding actions by people. Obsession and liberty, both of which are great influences from the modern culture, have greatly eroded our traditional and conservative values, which once perceived to be truly prestigious and respectable. Unfortunately, the erosion is too great, and probably, irreversible.

How much longer can someone be satisified with anything? The only answer is now. If you are not satisified with the lifestyle, then you lack contention, and probably overly complacent in your work and at home (as part of your personality). It is perhaps time to sit by the breeze and let your mind drift away, lifting the heavy thoughts and have the dispersed across the universe into the space. The time is now ten past three in the afternoon. A full fourty minutes was used to the fullest, I am happy.

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