A Stranger’s Approach for $8

August 30, 2007 · Posted in Rant Corner 


I was approached by a stranger this morning just after my breakfast at a coffee shop nearby my house. Simply out of the blue, he started to call me “Sir“, and approached me to ask for some help. Without much explanation, I knew he was asking for some money to help his baby. To me, he sounded unconvincing even after showing his identity card indicating his name and his NRIC number to me. He wanted S$8 to pay for the medicine bill for his baby. For some reasons, I am not taken in by the fact that the medicine charged at the polyclinics (Pasir Ris branch) in Singapore could be so cheap (also, does Polyclinics in Singapore turn patients away, despite the fact they could be penniless? Though Singaporeans are not poor, but there are some which are not really well off).

Well, I am not a heartless person; if given the benefit of the doubt that what he was saying could be the truth, then I should at least do something to help. I knew, one thing for sure, that if I agreed to help him, I should not expect this money to be returned (despite him saying that he will pay me back). I knew that for sure, because I have given money to help people in the past before.

For a good cause, if he was sincere in his words that the money was to be used for the medicine and pay the bill, I am gladly to help him and I hate to turn down someone, if I know that if he truly needed help and there is some abilities which I can do to help him. So, I took out my wallet and gave him $10 (I don’t have smaller notes), the same amount which I withdrew from the ATM cash machine this morning for my breakfast. Though he mentioned that he do not need that much, I responded that I have no change.

I simply told him that, I may or may not know if he was telling the truth; but I would hope this money is used for a good cause, and hope to be able to pay off the bill for the medicine (Up till now, I still cannot believe that the cost of the medicine is still $8). Nevertheless, I thought that “good deeds will repay good deeds“. If I am able to help someone in need, I do hope that someone will be able to do the same for me, one day.

Stranger’s Detail
Name: Sharil
NRIC: S1814301A
Date of Issue: 2006
Address: Pasir Ris (claimed to be staying at his Brother’s place)
Date of Docile: July 2007 (just last month, moved to Brother’s place?)

He showed me his NTUC Link Card, NRIC card and a picture of his wife, his daughter (which looks older than I thought) and himself. He talked about his baby, but the picture did not show any of his baby; perhaps, he meant his daughter? Or could it be a newborn baby?

Not wanting to sound like an interrogator; if I want to help, just help. So, I shaked his hand and wished him good luck and tell him to quickly go and take good care of his baby. He sounded rather sincere and asked for my name. I gave him my name but told him not to worry about paying me the money back, but most importantly is that the money is being used for good cause. He put the $10 note into the right side pocket of his jean and walked off.

Something I know for sure, the money isn’t going to be mine and that I won’t get to see this guy again. But, I wished him all the best!

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