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Accepting Google AdSense Terms

November 11, 2010 · Posted in Site Info 

Accepting new Google AdSense Terms and ConditionsToday, I decided to take a brave step forward to accept a new set of Google AdSense’s Terms and Conditions. The new set of terms was rolled out in 2008 and I have been hesitating to agree to this.

One of the main reasons is because – if nothing is broken, don’t attempt to repair it. I am receiving payments from Google fine until today. In fact, I wanted to keep it that way, if not for the email that Google sent out that all users will be automatically be set into the new terms and conditions, despite whether we agree or not.

I think it makes a lot of difference, because the new contracting agreement is with Google Ireland instead of Google Inc., where the complication of VAT is involved. I wished there could be more documentation around to read; but I supposed these are not readily available first hand.

One interesting piece of information that I came across today is revenue sharing. I was astonished to see over 50% of revenue sharing between Google and publishers. It means For $100 that publishers earn, publishers actually receive only (approximately) $50!

Looks like, there is a need to look out for more alternative solutions…

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