An Insect-ing Morning in McDonald’s

August 27, 2007 · Posted in Thesis 

CockroachI woke up relatively late over the last two days, but am glad that my body is back to normal condition again. I woke up at about 6 the morning and had my breakfast at McDonald’s again. This time, decided that I should not eat the same thing, I avoided the Big Breakfast Meal and ordered Hotcakes with Sausage Meal instead. Not bad for a change of taste *wink*.

After that, I spent the morning revising the remaining Chapter 4 of my thesis. So far, I have achieved up till the sixth section. There are a couple more sections to go, and with a few additions and amendment, but I am optimistic that it will be completed by the end of this week. Hence, it also means that the goal which I set out to do last week was not achieved *sad*.

About A Guest
While I was doing my work in the morning, an unexpected visitor paid a sudden visit to me; yes, it also caught the eyes of a few other customers in McDonald’s. Who’s he?

He is Mr. Cockroach. At first, it started from the table beside me, which sat three girls. Mr. Cockroach crawled on the wall towards my side, then I have a couple of options; either to kill it with one swoop using the papers that I have on my table, or to inform the management team about this rather interesting visit from a so-called “friend”. I choose the latter, but by the time someone came over to take a look at Mr. Cockroach, he is gone. They must have thought I was creating a joke, but apparently not since the nearby customers were also telling the same story.

Well, I shall not reveal which branch this place is, so as to protect the McDonald’s management team from under public scrutiny. Though Mr. Cockroach is not an invited guest, but I suppose I still want to be able to come to McDonald’s again. I would have loved to take a picture of this little feeble crawlie, but on second thought, I had better not create a havoc.

A Day of Work
It has been quite a long day for me. The time now is close to 5pm and I am feeling restless. Time for me to pack up and go home.

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