An Old Woman’s Story in Singapore

January 2, 2009 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Old WomanAbout a few hours ago, I was sitting at the McDonald’s surfing the Internet. Then, an old woman, around 70 years of age, came by and talked to me. At first she was asking me about application of Internet Banking. The first thing that came to my mind was, why does she need an Internet Banking service, judging from the fact that she might not even be using it at all.

As the conversation goes on, I realised that she was trying to find out if her son had made used of her personal documents, such as Identity Card (IC) and Bank Account to apply for Internet Banking facility. It seems that things are getting a little more complicated from then on.

When we spoke further, I came to know that her son has kept all her belongings, for example, IC, passport and even bank slips. In spite of that, she was given lodging in the house. I knew this is some domestic affairs that I should not interfere too much, although I know I should at least do something. However, things do not seem to be that bad, at least I knew she had other sons to rely on. Although it was mentioned that her other sons were quite afraid of this son of hers.

In the family where she is staying in, she had a grandson and a granddaughter. It seems that both of them mistreat her as much as the same way that his son does, e.g. scolding her, getting annoyed with her, etc.

*sigh*… it seems that there is little I could do, but I knew that trying to hold on to someone else IC is definitely illegal. I could only wished her all the best and take good care of herself. She left carrying an umbrella with her. Good luck!

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