Analysis of My Nokia E71

February 3, 2009 · Posted in Inventory 

Nokia E71 from M1 ShopThe last 2 posts have all been taking about E71 and its product comparison with Samsung. Some of you must be already feeling bored with me talking everytime about mobile phones. However, that is just me. I am enthralled just to share my experience and enthusiasm about a particular device.

Having made my purchase for Nokia E71 last Friday, the device has kept me on my toes for the last 72 hours! It was truly a love at first sight, if not for the mobile shop owner (from Simei) who introduced me to this popular phone, I would not have actually blinked my eyes. Unfortunately, the story was, I did not buy the mobile phone from his shop, but actually went down directly to the main M1 Shop in Tampines to make the purchase. Two reasons governed my move; firstly, the shop owner has only the white-coloured model, which does not have a good look. In fact, I prefer the matte look. Secondly, he has sold his last piece on Friday night and I am still keen to get my hands, no matter what, on that night. So, I decided to make a trip down to Tampines just for that reason. That was how I get to be the rightful owner of my very own Nokia E71. I have never been so proud of a mobile phone before, until till last Friday!

Bundled with 2-year contract, the Nokia E71 was definitely a Great Buy for S$338 at current promotional price. I know some of you could actually get it lesser elsewhere, but that is not the point. From the M1 Shop, I was told that I was very lucky to have the very last product of the matte-cover Nokia E71. The white-coloured model is definitely not what I am looking for. So, consider myself really fortunate!

Here is the exciting part. What kept me highly excited about this phone is simply the wireless (WiFi) capability, which allows connection to 802.11b/g network. Even as a mobile device, surfing the web is a breeze, with its pre-installed Nokia web browser. In addition, it has other nice little applications, such as Windows Live Messenger (mobile version), as well as Yahoo! Go Live Messenger. If you don’t like the built-in Nokia web browser, you can get hold of Opera Mini, downloadable directly from the website, which I simply did that to get a whole new experience.

From entertainment value, there is a music player, Real media player that plays video files, FM radio tuner and podcast (which I never tried using). There is also a Nokia Map feature, which I have never used before. It allows users to track where to go on a map. M1 also offers 3-month Navigation license. I doubt I will have much to do with it, unless I am always on the move, such as driving on the road.

Other hardwares, or rather accessories that come along with it are earpiece, 2GB MicroSD memory card, USB connectivity cable and charger. I find that the earpiece is an extremely basic piece of device with no controller on the wire. A good add-on would be to buy another Nokia extender which allows you to have full control whilst playing music files or watching video shows. However, that will come at a cost of about S$40. Also, I find that 2GB is a miser, from what Nokia can really give. I would have wished they had offered 8GB instead. This is because, in no time, I would have easily exhausted the entire 2GB storage space.

In conclusion, I am extremely delighted to have been the proud owner of my Nokia E71, although I have not revealed about the fact that a colleague of mine, who sits right beside me, is also carrying the same phone!

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