Analytics360 degree – Not working well

May 1, 2010 · Posted in Site Info 

The Analytics360o is a WordPress plugin which I have been constantly using on this blog, to check out Google Analytics.

This morning, I found out that the statistics is no longer showing up. It is just weird, never had this incident happened before. Is it because of the plugin, or the hosting server, or Google itself?

Looks like this weekend has a lot more of investigation to do on my websites.

Update: Okay, I did some update to my Bluehost web hosting account, after consulting with the Live Chat personnel. It gave me some idea on how to rectify the issue.

1) Click on the PHP Config tool found under the Software/Services catagory of your Cpanel

2) Under the ‘Install Default php.ini’ section, check the IonCube option and click ‘Install php.ini Master File’

3) Navigate to your ~/public_html directory using your favorite file manager, and rename the file php.ini.default to php.ini

4) Copy the php.ini file to the directory your IonCube dependent script resides in. *This step is not necessary for PHP5 (Single php.ini) and PHP5 (FastCGI) users

5) Following those steps to install a new php.ini file

Be careful when using the above method, make sure you do backups of the previous php.ini file before replacing them.

It did work for me, but for some reasons, the [ZEND] optimizer doesn’t work. Anyway, to make everything work, I just disabled [ZEND] optimizer.

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