Apple iPhone 4S – My Next Smartphone

October 6, 2012 · Posted in Inventory 

iPhone 4S - White

I hope you are not laughing at me; yes, I just purchased my next mobile phone (smartphone) today and that is neither iPhone 5 nor Samsung S3, but rather iPhone 4S. Having waited almost a year for Apple’s iPhone 5, since my contract with MobileOne (M1) has expired, it has disappointed me unfortunately.

In my earlier post, I mentioned that all the faults and flaws with the latest device from Apple, I decided to stick with the device that Steve Jobs last publicly announced in 2011, prior his demise.

After careful analysis, my decision to stick with Apple has its reason. First of all, most of my contacts are in Apple devices; making it transferring over to non-Apple devices challenging. Secondly, Apple is renowned for its high quality and customer experience. Neither Samsung nor RIM has proven this yet. Finally, cost matters. I could afford an iPhone 5, but I asked myself this – do I need the latest state-of-the-art iPhone, or a device that allows me to make phone calls, surf the net and send messages?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is just too long to wait for me, as the South Korean company has yet to announce the road map release. Deciding not to wait, I simply walk into M1 shop and make my purchase.

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