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November 9, 2011 · Posted in Inventory 

iPhone 4SIn December 2009, I owned my very first Apple product; that is, the iPhone 3GS. So far, it has served me well and next month will be 2 years old.

As electronic product consumer, we are well aware that battery life tends to depreciate over time. According to feedback that I have gathered, 3 years should be the maximum period before one should replace the existing battery for a new one.

Apple has manufactured its products so well, in a way that there is no direct replacement of battery. In other words, you have to replace the entire handset.

Basically, I have two options, coming towards year end. This could also possibly be another Christmas present for myself – getting an iPhone 4S. There were several reviews on iPhone 4S and it turns out to be very positive. One major flaw that was missing in this release, but present in its predecessor, iPhone 4, is the dropping of signal reception when certain part of the iPhone 4 is covered by our human hand.

iPhone 4S comes with:

  • Dual-core A5 chip
  • 8MP camera and optics
  • iOS 5 and iCloud
  • Siri – the most significant apps only in iPhone 4S

Ultimately, the main reason of changing (or upgrading) my current handset is because of its battery lifespan. However, the upgrade will still cost me about S$505 for a 16GB model (via MobileOne website).

At the meantime, there is no urgency to make this decision even though the eligibility for re-contract for new handset is now open. I will probably spend the next few weeks making more judgement to decide what is the best option for me.

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