Apple Tracking iPhone Users (Again)

October 13, 2012 · Posted in Inventory 


I vaguely recalled some time back, Apple has to issue a fix to iOS after users discovered it is violating personal data privacy protection. This time, it is back again, in a discrete way.

In iOS 6, it is undoubtedly that Apple has revived tracking, and it is even more effective than ever, but also harder to switch off. Although Apple users can switch off that tracking functionality, it is quite tricky.

First of all, tracking is ON by default when user upgraded to iOS 6. Having said that, there is no violation by Apple as it DOES provide user option to disable.

Secondly, this tracking setting is not contained under the “Privacy” menu, which one would expect it to be. This is where Apple tends to be sneaky about it, by placing it under “Settings” > “General” > “About” > “Advertising” section.

Thirdly, exploiting human reverse psychology weakness; the tracking control is titled “Limit Ad Tracking”. Therefore to switch off tracking, user has to turn this option ON. People tends to overlook this and will likely to get it wrong.

The combination of these factors certainly cranks up Apple users. As soon as I realized Apple has started doing this, I disabled it right away without hesitation.

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