Backache Problem Last Week

September 3, 2007 · Posted in Rant Corner 

iZest Support GuardIt has been a terrible weekend before Saturday. I had this terrible backache, which could be due to long hours of sitting right in front of the computer and also, sitting at an improper posture. I thought it would go away some days, but it was not until last Saturday that I has to pay a visit to the doctor (eventually).

The doctor is a young man and he discovered that I had a crooked spine. Oh my god. Have I not noticed this for the past twenty over years in my life? Anyway, I asked him what can be done to relieve the pain. I find pain walking, and any old granny would have probably sped past me easily. I was like slow tortoise.

After being prescribed with the medicine and following the doctor advise to wear a protective guard to keep my body posture upright, I felt better over the last couple of days. I do feel better today, but I am not taking any chance. So I will keep on wearing this izest protective guard (costs approximately 60). Maybe, it’s just a sign that I am getting old… *sad*

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