Benox Cup Warmer – A Cool Christmas Present

December 11, 2007 · Posted in Inventory 

Cup Warmer

I did not have time to write about this; I attended a poolside barbecue last Saturday, organised by a colleague of mine. It was partly to celebrate for Christmas, and also as a farewell party. It was really nice of him to have invited me over, and I am honoured to be there.

There was only a couple of other people around, approximately 15 people. I arrived just after 7 in the evening. Luckily I wasn’t too late because the traffic around Orchard was really congested, and to get to Himiko Court, situated near Ulu Pandan Valley, is no easy feat (well, I’m not the bus driver, I’m moaning on his behalf).

Talking about the party, there was loads of food and drinks to go around. Vodka, Tequila, wine and beers. I also learnt about a new stuff, known as Sangria (not sure if I get it right) – 1/3 wine, 1/3 juice and 1/3 Sprite.

Apart from the drinks and chats, there is also a gift-exchange session. It was rather innovative on the organiser’s side. 15 presents were available, and there were 15 of us to draw lots to see who will be the first one to pick the present. However, there is a catch.

  1. Subsequent person who has higher number can decide to choose from the pile of unchosen presents, or to take the present which was taken by the people before him or her.
  2. The presents, however, cannot exchange hands more than twice.

Certainly, the presents have to be opened once it’s chosen, and hence Step 1 applies and made the game more fun.

It was great! I was Number 9 in the queue, and I got a USB Benox Cup Warmer – cool!

Anyway, I stayed till about half past 2 in the morning, chatting around, and decided to be the last group to leave.

Thanks, M and J for the invitation to the party!

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