Best Petrol Deal in Q4 2013 – 21% plus Instant Reward Redemption

November 17, 2013 · Posted in Economy 

SPC Fuel Promotion with UOB

This is the first I came across a Petrol company giving out 21% immediate discount, and on top of that, allows customers to use Instant Rewards. Redemption Program to take additional dollars off the final bill!

Without keeping you further in suspense, the petroleum company that I’m talking about is SPC (Singapore Petroleum Company), in a joint partnership with UOB (United Overseas Bank). As a UOB credit or debit card member, customers can enjoy up to 21% off petrol price at SPC, as long as you are able to produce a SPC&U membership card (application is free of charge) and charge the bill to a UOB credit or debit card. The instant reward redemption is based on the UNI$ points that you have accumulated on your UOB cards. The way these are calculated is as follows:

  • 10% off petrol purchases with SPC&U Card.
  • 5% off petrol purchases with UOB Credit Card.
  • S$3 petrol discount for every S$50 gross spend. This ensures to 6% discount in a single transaction for every S$42.50 charged to your UOB Visa or MasterCard Card.
  • An additional S$10 off instantly with just UNI$600 (a minimum of S$50 fuel, before discount, applies).

After doing some mathematical calculation; it’s no brainer that, in order to get the “best” value from this promotion, is to pump $50 each time. So, let’s see how much I actually paid for S$50 fuel at SPC last week.

Type of Discount Amount Savings % of Saving (based on S$50)
SPC&U Card S$5 10%
UOB Credit Card S$2.50 5%
S$3 Off for every S$50 Gross Spend S$3 6%
$10 Off Redeemed with UNI$600 S$10 20%
TOTAL S$20.50 >40%

In conclusion, S$29.50 for S$50 petrol is a great bargain, isn’t it? What a great saving!

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