Bitter StickGirl

August 22, 2007 · Posted in Anything 

Stick Friends Pictures

Stickgal was introduced to me by my sister, and I had a great laugh browsing at those incredible, lovely masterpiece, drawn by Stickgirl (herself). Just today, as I was browsing her site, she has just changed the domain name from to

Good move, stickgirl. I presume it is about time that you get yourself a domain name, judging from the statistics that you already have over 475,000 visitors.

To avoid copyright issue, I will have just to emphasis that if you would like to see these artwork, check out Stickgirl’s website. Below are some of her works which I like.

Pimple Stickgal
A girl’s ultimate nightmare

Cupid Stickgal
Lousy Cupid 2

So, who is this Stickgirl? That’s her below…

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