BlackBerry OS 10.2 is Available for Q10, not Z10

October 18, 2013 · Posted in Inventory 

BlackBerry 10

Today, my colleague just showed me something on his BlackBerry Q10 – he has just upgraded his operating system to 10.2. I thought, that was great! There were some nice features and functionalities that I was pretty impressed with.

Unfortunately, when I tries to perform “Check for Updates” on my Blackberry Z10, I was notified by the device that I am already having the latest version… 10.1?

I wonder the upgrade is only meant for Q10 users, thereby refuting Z10 customers from upgrading. Perhaps, this is still at the early stage. Hopefully it will be made available to me and fellow Z10 users in a couple of days time.

Update: 28th October 2013

Finally, BlackBerry “decides” to give me the opportunity to upgrade my Z10 device. Currently, I am able to search for new updates and it’s allowing me to upgrade to, which requires 462MB in size. Fingers crossed everything is going to be alright after the upgrade.

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