Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

October 16, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

In a few hours’ time, the Blog Action Day 2008 will be over. I did not see this until this morning, which is already a day late on Eastern Summer Time. According to the objective, this is what bloggers intend to do on this very day, October 15, 2008,

“…Today thousands of bloggers will unite to discuss a single issue – poverty. We aim to raise awareness, initiate action and to shake the web!…”

Hence, the topic here is about Poverty. With the recent financial turmoil that shocked the world, a lot of unemployment is likely to occur. According to some reports, the worst hit are those from the third world countries. So, hopefully, the forums held by the team, featurings all the blog owners, can make their voices heard.

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