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January 4, 2009 · Posted in Site Info 

Blog Site ReportLast year has been a great year for most people, only with the exception of economic crisis that hit the global market. For this blog site – Secret from a Knight’s journal – it is also quite amazing that it has survived for several months, since August 2007. Up till today, the website has been alive for over 500 days.

Whilst I will reveal how this blog survives the economic crisis, let’s see what’s the full report is like. Here, I will classify the report into 4 different categories, using Google Analytic as a benchmark.

  1. Total Number of Visitors
  2. Geographical Distribution of Visitors
  3. Distribution of Traffic Sources
  4. Top Contents

To provide an easy understanding of the report, I shall keep it as simple as possible.

Total Number of Visitors
The total number of visitors is one of the most interesting statistics for a website.

Blog Visitors

Over the last 1 year in 2008, over 14,700 visitors have visited the site. Of course, this is discounting the fact of the site admin, as the script has been written to avoid taking administrators into consideration. There are a couple of spikes, leading to over 1,000 hits. This is mainly due to referrals by StumbleUpon. Unfortunately, we have not managed to get any Digg referrals.

Geographical Distribution of  Visitors
Know where your visitors come from is also very interesting. As an Asian, I’ll be amazed to see where are my readers, who dominantly are not from Asian countries.

Visitor Mapping Overlay

Surprisingly, my readers are from the United States! I have little explanation for this, but for some reason, it could have been due to the web-hosting server being located in the United States, as well as referring sites from other United States.

Distribution of Traffic Sources
Who could be sending me those visitors? Well, Google Analytic can help to find out the answer here.

Traffic Sources

Just slightly more than half of the visitors are referred to this site. About 30% comes from search engine (which are organic links), such as Google, Yahoo! or MSN. The rest are direct traffic, which is users keyed in the URL themselves.

Top Contents
This is probably the most interesting part of the analysis.

Top Blogging Content

As it can be seen, the content that received the highest number of hits is the Baby Panda Pictures Part 2. Apparently, there is also Baby Panda Pictures Part 1, which is ranked third. The front page of the site, ranked second, received only half of the attractions as compared to the first position. Other top hits are Commando Squirrel and House of Traditional Javanese Massage.

With these, I conclude that it has been quite a great year as we also hit the first 500 posts and powering the site with the latest WordPress 2.7 engine. Whilst 2009 is the beginning of another new year, I hope this site will continue to prosperous and progress.

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