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July 21, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

Just imagine about 5 years ago, blog sites are not that popular. Ever since blog applications, such as WordPress, b2evolution and Movable Types, began to arouse writer’s interest, blogging became viral. Almost everyone, including corporates, researchers, employees, individuals, students and granny, is blogging about anything and everything. The word “blog” was even added to the English vocabulary and can even be used as a verb! Just because it is easier to blog (than to write an article), it slowly crept into our lives without us realising it.

The purpose of blogging is very vast. Some corporates used it to interact with customers, academic used it to update the curriculum, professional bloggers use them to make money, individuals make use of blogging to talk about their life. As much as it is being used positively to disseminate information, little did they (some individual bloggers) know that Internet is the backyard of the ultimate Information Technology – the driving force of privacy intrusion. A small amount of information can be pieced together to form the large picture, which inevitably reveals a person’s private life.

Personal blogging is a very risky business. Similar to FaceBook, employers might find their employees in the FaceBook and attempted to add him or her. In contrast, as an employee, do you want to be “found“? FaceBook is just a very simple classic example in which users could potentially see or know who has contacted him or her. In blog sites, this is virtually difficult, especially if your articles or posts are divulged directly to the public, or rather the world via the World Wide Web (WWW), there is little data to tell who has actually accessed or read your posts.

Just a piece of advice, before you decide to publish the immensely exciting information and share it to the rest of the world, it is perhaps best to audit the post just to ensure that no vital information is being divulged; especially if you have something that you do not want someone to know. As the saying goes, “news travel fast“; before a blogger can retract the post, the damage would have already being done. The person, whom you do not want to let him or her know about, would have already gone through the entire post, robots such as Google bots or Yahoo bots, would have already cached the posts and have them made available readily on the search engines. It is simply as giving your credit card information over the Internet!

As a person who likes to blog, I am also extremely critical of the information that is being share over the Internet. As much as I would love to share, there is also a trade-off of how much information that I want to reveal. For example, never should one provide the age, name, address, phone number, nationality, etc. to the WWW. That is a direct compromise of privacy and security. The next moment, you could find your bank account completely emptied. While these are an example of how information is exploited, there are other ways too. Smart people is able to guess from the paragraphs about the real intention of the blogger. Probabilistic guessing comes in to play from interpreting the message that underlies the sentence. That can be quite dangerous, thus allowing strangers to understand the behaviour of the person.

In spite of these, bloggers should not be feared of writing. There is a freedom to talk about oneself and it is important to share the joy with others, because life is a vicious circle; if you gives happiness, some others will give happiness to you. By the end of the day, it is the thrill of being able to share about one person’s life to the world, and it is what that leaves the legacy behind.

A very sweet, lovely friend of mine has recently spoken to me about the danger of revealing information online. Blogs can be treated as a person’s second world – others can potentially find information about me and used it to my disadvantage. Before this (for myself), I have already weighed the possibility of anyone, finding information about me. For example, another friend of mine, who is in France, managed to find me via the search engine. Another friend, found me by searching his name! Even a celebrity also left his imprint (comment) on my blog. Furthermore, I have also weighed the possibility of my BOSS dropping by my site as well. Nonetheless, I will not be too unduly worried about it, and will carry on writing. Blogging is an interest, a hobby and a way to express my personal self in the most unrealistic manner. In addition, what makes you think what is being written in blogs are real? Question to ponder, eh? On the other hand, the only thing that you will not expect me to do here is to put anyone down. That’ll be the most unethical thing.

So, to the lovely friend, I have already anticipated you to find me here (my blog) some days, and so it did =)

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