Bluehost Throttling My Hosting Account

May 25, 2012 · Posted in Site Info 

Bluehost Throttling

Today, I decided to log on to my Bluehost account to check the health of my account. To my surprise, my web hosting company has been tweaking the server, such that my sites have been heavily throttled.

So, what does that mean? When the server throttles, CPU power is limited to that particular account. It makes a lot of difference if sites are running dynamic scripts, such as PHP, ASP or CGI scripts. HTML scripts, which are mainly static scripts, are less likely to be affected.

There are pros and cons to this. The positive side of it, is that the server will be more stable and unlikely to crash, which is invaluable especially where downtime is a major concern. The negative side of it is, it will take a longer time for the site to load. To some extent, if it is heavily throttled, the site may not even appear. This situation happens when sites do not enable caching, and encounter huge volume of traffic at the same time, consuming large amount of CPU resource.

So far, I have no complaint, as downtime is far more important to me. Perhaps, what I should do next is really optimise my sites – for those that encounter large volume of traffic – I should look at caching mechanism.

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