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October 8, 2008 · Posted in Rant Corner 

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my situation with the Bluehost web live chat support. It was not that satisfactory, especially when the person, whom I talked to, kept denying the root of the problem.

My Bluehost web server went down today again. Now, I decided to pit my conversational skills with the live chat support. This is how it went.

By the way, I forgot to write in my name, so if you see “First Time Sales Question” below, that’s me talking.

Conversation Details

Bill [3:10:48 AM]: Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today? I am doing multiple chats if I do not respond immediately please be patient.
If this is a sales question please Ignore the following;

For Security reasons before I can make changes to your account or give you information about the account,
I need you to provide me with your main domain name and either the cPanel password on the account, or the last four digits of the credit card (or PayPal invoice if you paid with PayPal) as verification of your Identity.
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [3:10:48 AM]: My site is down again and again and again…
Bill [3:11:01 AM]: let me check
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [3:11:28 AM]: and I know you’re going to tell me that your team is maintaining the server and it will take 1-2 hours.
[3:12:27 AM]: This seems to be the standard response I get each time I spoke to a Live Chat, is it really a maintenance issue? Or is the server overloaded?
Bill [3:13:16 AM]: how about this one then
[3:13:27 AM]: A hardware upgrade is currently in progress. Updates may include (but are not limited to): memory, disk space, and processor. The duration of the update is approximately 3 to 6hours.
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [3:13:50 AM]: *sigh*… honestly, Bill… is this going to happen forever?
Bill [3:14:44 AM]: with the upgrade they are doing this should be it for a year or two
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [3:14:57 AM]: I’m not trying to put Bluehost down, because Bluehost has truly been a great service provider over the last 1-2 years, and I enjoyed the service.
[3:15:40 AM]: I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to tell me, but I hope I get your “signal”….
Bill [3:16:56 AM]: we recently installed a software management system to several of our newer servers that turned to not be compatibly with the raid cards on the servers it killed us because it damaged the file systems on those machines we have it fixed now but are still playing catchup on all the other stuff that was put on hold
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [3:18:19 AM]: With that, it can justify why the servers have been crashing. Anyway, Bill, thanks a lot…. so much for the “standard Q&A” earlier on. I really hope Bluehost can retain that great Quality of Service as what it was like back then. Furthermore, I really sincerely hope it won’t take 2 years to play catch-up on the RAID systems.
[3:19:27 AM]: Today is probably the most satisfied reply I’ve ever gotten since the last few weeks of Live Chat. Thank you for the explanation, Bill. At least, I don’t feel that piss now.
Bill [3:20:59 AM]: usually I will copy over a prepared script that answers the question but if some one indicates they want more detail I don’t mind giving it
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [3:22:43 AM]: That’s okay if the reply is genuine, but I hope it’s not being used as a deterrence to turn down live chat. Nonetheless, I can say I’m rather satisfied with today’s response. Thanks!
Bill [3:23:27 AM]: live chat is really live
[3:24:13 AM]: but we have some prepared scripts for standard questions because like I can only type around 50 words per minute so it gets the answer out faster
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [3:25:26 AM]: Great! May Bluehost get more employees like you.
Bill [3:25:53 AM]: we are trying that too
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [3:27:27 AM]: Well, hope that comes soon…. thanks, once again for the kind gesture. It’s nice speaking to you. Cheers!
Bill [3:28:21 AM]: your welcome

And so, the conversation ended amicably. The truth is, I don’t even really know if they are facing the problems as indicated above, but at least I am not as angry as before. Call support really needs to have some PR skills.

However, this really wakes me up, I think I may have to start seeking for an alternative web server. Waiting 1-2 years for this server to get back to optimum operation can be quite a long time. A lot of revenue could be lost. So, time to do some shopping.

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