Bought a New Western Digital Hard Disk Drive

August 19, 2008 · Posted in Inventory 

Due to hard disk failure on my Dell laptop, I decided that maybe it is time to get a new hard disk drive. Last Saturday, I scrambled over Sim Lim Square, an IT shopping mall full of electronics and computer accessories, to compare prices of laptop-sized hard disk drive.

The specification that I ended up with is as follow:

Brand: Western Digital
Cache: 8MB
Type: IDE interface
Warranty: 5 years (or is it 3 years, which I cannot remember)
Capacity: 160GB
Price: S$84 (after discount)

Not too bad for a 3.5-inch laptop hard disk drive, with so much space to fill. I intend to run Linux system on the hard disk drive, so I believe that 160GB is just more than enough to do dual boot.

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