Buy ASP.NET 2.0 Databases – Avoid Paying Library Fines

November 27, 2007 · Posted in Anything 

Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Databases

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned about picking up ASP.NET 2.0 Programming for work purposes. I came to find one of the books, Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Databases – by Thiru Thangarathinam to be extremely useful! Because of the restriction of the timeframe placed on loan books from the National Library (in Singapore), any subsequent renewals cost $0.50 per book.

I do not have a clue since when was this regulation implemented, but it left me not choice but to renew and pay the bill.

The renewal was only for three weeks, which eventually expired last Friday. Therefore, I tried to renew the book, as I was desperate to hold on to it. This time, it refused! Hence, I have to return it.

Nonetheless, I was lucky that my boss agreed to purchase the book for me. I checked out the price at Borders, and I almost fainted – S$99.95! This is so unbelievable! I tried checking out other outlets, apparently there is no such book found.

However, my boss is happy to purchase the book for me. Despite not wanting to feel the pinch, but I relented. Hopefully, it can be billed to the company (and I would expect so).

Anyway, I got the book this morning, and it was bought at a lower cost – S$83.95. Still expensive, but not as bad as the one I saw from Borders. The book was obtained from Kinokuniya – looks like it’s a good thing I did not buy it last Friday; which was about $15 savings.

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