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May 16, 2015 · Posted in Site Info 

WP Blog Statistics in 2015

I have to admit honestly that I have been neglecting this blog site of mine, for probably one of the longest time. Come to think of it, when I first started blogging here back in 2007, I was making 20-30 posts a month – which was significant, compared to now (1-2 blog posts per month). However, I continue to keep my policy of ensuring a post is being made a month without fail, for the last 7 years. This record remains intact.

Most of the posts are of not great value, but I find it fun writing them. However, this is not entirely true for all, as I do notice some significant traffic driven to certain posts that I never knew would actually be of interest of the public. Let’s have a look at the top posts over the last one year.

Starting from 365 days ago on May of 2015, I can identify 3 top views that garnished the public interest through using this WordPress plugin, Jetpack.

Top Posts Before 2015

For interest, I will talk about the top 3 posts based on number of views (impressions).

Top Post: Thong Thai Traditional Thai Massage – Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

About this post: I am a frequent traveller into Malaysia, and one of the things that I do there was body massage. Without fail, I would do it at least once whenever I am in Malaysia. Therefore, I think it might be useful to share some information publicly here. First, it was cheap; secondly, it is accessible to most Singaporeans (just a couple of minutes across the causeway); thirdly, it’s truly decent, clean massage parlour.

Top 2nd Post: NSMen Standard Battle Order (SBO) and Full Battle Order (FBO) List

About this post: I utilised this blog to remind me of what to bring during National Service; as I refused to bring a piece of paper out when I go shopping for items that I need to bring for in-camp reservist training. Anyway, these are quite standards and literally available in the worldwide web. So, I just copied and have it on my site just so that I do not need to bookmark them. Whether they are relevant now, maybe could be out-dated 🙂

Top 3rd Post: Baby Panda – First 90 Days – Part 2

About this post: Nothing much… just a couple of images of a baby panda.

Keep your comments and feedback coming through. I am more than welcome to hear your views.

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