Cheering for Singapore Table Tennis Player – Li Jia Wei

August 22, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

At the moment, Li Jia Wei, Singapore’s Table Tennis Player, is fighting a huge battle with World’s Number 1, Zhang Yining from China at the Beijing Olympics 2008, in the semi-final round. This match will dictate who will guarantee at least a medal, or face the bronze medal battle.

At this stage of the match, there are only 4 players left in the Semi-final; the other 2 players in the semi-final round are Chinese players.

Fingers crossed, and god bless Li Jia Wei to fight the battle to the final!

After some tedious fight, the result is now revealed. Li Jia Wei has bowed out 1 – 4 to the World’s Number 1. Well, it’s now down to the Bronze medal battle for the China-born Singaporean girl.

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