Chinese New Year Decoration Already Up

January 1, 2009 · Posted in Pictures 

Chinese New Year DecorationThe New Year has just arrived but guess what, shopping malls are already preparing for the Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) decorations (see image on the right – click to enlarge).

The transition is so quick, as just a few days ago, it was merely Christmas Day, with all the shopping malls and major shopping centres packed with Santa Claus and white Christmas decoration. In within a short period of time, the change is such drastic that I could not believe my eyes.

Well, supposedly that is how businesses keep up with the economy crisis crunch. In order to get a strong foothold on the market, you have got to act fast and swift. The earlier you get there, the better it is; as the going says, the early bird catches the worm. Anyway, there won’t be short of holidays in January of 2009, the next one coming up is just round the corner – in 3 weeks’ time.

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