Clearing Digital Life Over The Weekend

December 20, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

Digital LifeI am an avid reader of Digital Life – a section of The Straits Times, local newspaper in Singapore. Digital Life is only available on every Wednesday.

Due to increased workload over the last few weeks, I did not have time to catch up with the latest news. When I looked into my bag, I found 3 copies of Digital Life, from the past 3 editions.

Looks like, I have to take some time to read through and clear them, or otherwise my bag isn’t going to take the toll of the weight that I am incrementally dumping stuffs into it. So, what shall I do this weekend? Nothing other than catching up news. Oh, and of course to keep track with the financial market fluctuation. The market has undergone a roller-coaster ride, and it’s an exciting time to analyse how one small portion can affect the world’s economy.

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