Cloverfield – Monster in New York

January 23, 2008 · Posted in Films 

CloverfieldA very interesting epic of this film, unlike the usual movies. The film is played as though you are watching directly from an amateur person making his own film.

The first 15 minutes of the show is kind of boring; however, as soon as the audience are beginning to wonder if they have paid a good price for the show, the excitement commenced. It started with a shake on city, just like an earthquake.

Before you start to doze off, this is when you should glue your eyes to the screen. Because the film is based on movie taken on a digital video camera, the entire show is rather “shaky“. More often, you might get a terrible headache at the end of the show. (Advice: Do bring a medicated oil to the cinema; you certainly won’t want to throw up in the middle of the show.)

For the entire show, I did not get a good view of the monster. However, it is the thrill of having to follow the party of a few people running around, escaping from the city, which really matters.


  • Recommendation 8/10 – but it is certainly not for the faint-hearted.
  • Thrill – there is hardly much encounter with the big monster, although there is part where they need to cross from one building to another at the top level to save another person. That can be quite scary. Unfortunately, nothing happen.
  • Ending – one may have thought of it…. everybody died.

The fate of the monster was unknown, as how did the tape end up with the US Military, is also not mentioned. There is a lot of questions to be asked, perhaps this film isn’t the one to give you a good answer for these.

What you can gain from the film are, i) excitement, ii) headache and hallucination. Apart from that, it’s a rather unique make.

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