Costa Sands Downtown East to Shut Down

May 18, 2014 · Posted in Economy 

Costa Sands ResortEffective July 20th, 2014, the Costa Sands Resort in Pasir Ris (Downtown East) will shut down its facility, after 20 years of operations. According to press release, NTUC said it will return the site to the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and its 30 workers will be deployed to other roles within its organization.

Ever since I was a kid, I remember my parents bringing me to the NTUC chalet resort to stay for a couple of days. They were some of the most fun time ever, and stay-vacation wasn’t very popular at that time, but we thoroughly enjoy it. I even held one of my birthday parties at the NTUC resort.

Looking back, if the NTUC resort is no longer there; it will be such a loss to the public and families who would like to stay in Singapore during vacation period. NTUC resort offers this great opportunity to get-away. And, by the way… my personal thought, the East Coast one is never going to be the same.

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