Dell 5150 Laptop Finally Crashed

August 2, 2008 · Posted in Inventory 

When the time has come for the system to go, it has to go. This morning, when I switched on my personal Dell 5150 laptop, something went wrong.

At first, the system could not boot up. It hang at the BIOS screen. Then, I felt, oh dear…. this does not look good at all. Re-booting the system, I managed to log on to my Windows operating system profile. However, the entire system seems to hang after a few minutes of usage. Since then, I have not been able to perform a successful boot-up into Windows or even Linux.

My belief is that the laptop is fried, again. Powered by Intel Penium IV 3.06GHz with Hyper Threading Technology, the processor is a power-house during the days of its prime. I have been using this marvellous machine since 2004; despite changing the motherboards and processors several times due to over-heating issue.

Four years have passed and it has served me faithfully until the day I submitted my thesis, my laptop has probably decided to call it a day. A very loyal and faithful servant indeed, never failed to ensure I run my simulation and type my report towards completion.

Right now, I am typing this post from another system, a Desktop. I believe there is no way I could revive the Dell machine, as the warranty has already expired. Furthermore, it is typically hard to find such a processor in town (if it were to be the case of processor over-heating).

Maybe it is about time for me to change a laptop…!!!

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