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Dental Visit But Only Consultation

February 22, 2008 · Posted in Rant Corner 

ToothSuffering from toothache is no joking matter; trust me. I have undergone through that experience four years ago, under the torture of sleepless nights and gruelling pain. Although that torturous feeling has passed, somehow it was resurrected a few days ago.

Not wanting to go through a similar experience, I headed immediately to see the dentist last night. I was ready to have my tooth extracted, but the dentist told me it has to be operated on. The cost? $600 to have a surgery.

Honestly, I was not prepared for an operation, so I asked him for some painkillers and medicine to sooth the swollen gum. I had an issue eating as the swollen gum has triggered some tinkling feeling and that was seriously not making situation any better.

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