Departure for Europe – PhD Convocation

October 25, 2008 · Posted in Thesis 

In a few hours’ time, I will be departing for a 13-hour long flight to Europe to attend my graduation ceremony. In a way, I am both excited and exhausted for the trip. I have not done any packing until today, the day of departure! I guess it’s just me as I have done the same for all the years when I went overseas.

Nevertheless, I’m glad that I managed to finish my packing, leaving only a few bits and pieces to be clear just before leaving the house for the airport. For some reasons, I just felt I have missed out something important, but I do not know what that is – it’s a feeling. I have my list for packing and every items have been ticked, I just don’t know what is that “thing”. Perhaps, it’s just my suspicion.

So, I will be away for nearly two weeks. Hence, this site would probably updated less frequently as before. If time permits me for a few minutes of Internet time, perhaps I could drop some note here. And if I do not post in two weeks’ time, then I might be gone for good.

After so many years of research, the time has finally come. It’s really a great relief for me, my family, friends and especially my professor. Towards the last hurdle, when all lights have gone out where the darkness binds the surrounding, someone special came by and lifted me up – thank you so much!

This will probably be the last post before departing from Singapore. So, have a great weekend & Happy Halloween (in advance)!

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