Disappointed with M1 over iPhone

December 11, 2009 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Prior the release of iPhone sales by MobileOne (M1), the company is splashing the iPhone advertisement across the front pages of its website, including M1Shop website. To encourage visitors and customers, M1 even provides a feature for users to “reserve” the iPhones.

So, when the actual day of release comes on Wednesday, 9th December 2009, all of us were happy with the announcement. However, that’s not the main story. Sadly, M1 reverted an email stating that,

…Due to overwhelming demand, the iPhone 3GS 32GB which you’ve reserved is currently out of stock….

How can this possible, when in actual fact I have made a RESERVATION! Yet, on the other hand, sales of iPhones were placed on the showcase at every M1 shop. If this is a kind of Marketing gimmick (tactics), I am truly disappointed at the way M1 is handling its prospective customers.

Knowing this would happen, I won’t even bother to waste my time registering my information online with M1.

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