Downloading Ubuntu 8.10 DVD

December 24, 2008 · Posted in Anything 

Ubuntu LogoI was downloading Ubuntu 8.10 DVD on bittorrent last night, and it has completed well beforehand just this morning.

Ubuntu is one of the few Linux applications that I enjoyed using. The other 2 Linux distributions are openSUSE and Debian. The former is cool, because of its utility of KDE desktop to the fullest. The latter is extremely powerful when used as a server. The configuration part is extremely tedious, but once you do that properly, it works tireless for you.

Ubuntu is just like the counterpart of Windows in Linux environment. Well, not exactly, but it is close to it. There is occasional release every 6 months. The last release is on October 2008, which I did not have the time to perform a complete upgrade of the system at my home. Hopefully, I can do that today.

Meanwhile, enjoy the power of the Linux system!

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