Fatal Memory Allocation Error in WordPress 2.8

May 31, 2009 · Posted in Site Info 

Fatal Error in Memory Allocation

With enthusiasm, I upgraded my WordPress blog site to the use the nightly build of WordPress 2.8 version. Unfortunately, the move was slightly disastrous. Knowing that any beta or nightly builds should not be deployed onto Production systems, I am curious with its features that I had to try it out; now that I know of its consequence, I am paying for it.

The WordPress seems to be poorly scripted in some area, particularly when it comes to memory allocation. Above image is an example of a poor memory usage; it seems that there is a sort of a recursive loop function that never ends, resulting in exhaustion of the memory capacity.

I hope that WordPress developers will take note of this bug and correct the codes.

Update: I realised what was causing this out-of-memory allocation error. It is the WP Shopping cart that is not fully compatible with WordPress 2.8. After de-activating the WP-ecommerce shopping cart plugin, the error message is now gone.

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