Fengshan Community Centre (CC) – Route Map

May 27, 2008 · Posted in TJC Related 

Fengshan Community Centre MapA college friend of mine recommended on how you can get to Fengshan Community Centre (CC). I found that his instructions were relatively constructive, clear and concise; hence, I have posted it here.

There is a map at the right side of this post. It may provide a very much useful guide for getting you to Fengshan CC.


  1. (a)Take Bus Service Number 222 from the bus stop along the main road on the side of the Bedok Interchange. Alight at the bus stop, opposite Fengshan Market. Or,
    (b)Take either Bus Service Number 14 or 222 from Bedok Interchange (same berth). Alight at the bus stop at Fengshan Market or one stop just before the market (it should be the 3rd stop from the Bedok Interchange).
  2. Fengshan CC is situated somewhere behind the blocks opposite Fengshan Market. In other words, you have to cut across the green from the bus stop opposite Fengshan Market. From the bus stop opposite Fengshan Market, walk ahead a little, then turn left. There should be a path. On the left will be a basketball court, and on the right will be a block of flat with Chin Lee restaurant at the ground floor.
  3. If you stop one stop before the market after boarding the bus from Bedok Interchange, walk towards Fengshan CC in a slightly different route. This bus stop is closer to Fengshan CC from the other direction. After alighting, walk ahead and cross the road at the traffic light. You should then follow the side-road all the way down. On your left should be a block of flats
    with a lot of shops on the ground floor (including Chin Lee restaurant at the far end, and Shop N Save nearest you). When you walk down the road, Fengshan CC will be on your left at the end of that road.
  4. Conversely, you can alight one stop after the bus stop opposite Fengshan Market if you take 222 from the main road. Walk back a little towards the side-road mentioned earlier.

Well, thanks Edwin for providing such a useful information!

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