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First Three Days of Work

September 16, 2007 · Posted in Rant Corner 


Since the start of my job on last Wednesday, I felt time has suddenly become so precious. There is literally no time for personal life, not to mention about revising my thesis and stuffs like that. As what I had mentioned earlier was true, the 9-to-5 rat race is simply a hectic procedure for every human beings who seek to pursue the career to the top of the ladder. As for myself, I have begun think it through along the way if a lifeless job is going to be what I want in the future (or maybe not).

The working environment is great, as a matter of fact. I have my own personal working cubicle, equipped with a HP laptop (which is about 3-year-old) that I am using currently to type this post. The pantry has a coffee machine that costs over S$10,000 and I use it to make cappuccino for my daily intoxication routine.

Meeting a great number of people over the last couple of days has exposed me more to how human beings react in a commercial or a business environment. It is very different from what one might expect from a academic or political environment’s point of view. Nonetheless, I take great pride to learn this new role and to achieve more knowledge. It is always about learning everyday.

So far, I am enjoying it. Hopefully, things will come good soon. Right now, I do admit I have to worry a bit more of my thesis.

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