Flu and Fever – Visit to Hwang and Liang Clinic

November 21, 2007 · Posted in Rant Corner 

MedicineIt was horrible last night! I fell feverish, and it was not hard to identify that I was sick. Knowing my situation pretty well, there is no way I can be productive at work today and hence I took a day off for sick leave.

I drank several glasses of mild warm water during the night, hopefully to replenish the loss of fluid due to cough and influenza. I felt slightly better in the morning, but it’s still not 100% recovered. I paid a visit to a nearby clinic to see a General Practitioner. The wait was an awful 2 hours; but I guess it was worthwhile the wait.

The doctor easily diagnosed my problem and prescribed medication to curb my blocked nose as well as pain (and aches). In addition, there is antibiotic to go along. The entire consultation amounts up to S$21 (approximately 7).

I requested for a medical certificate to produce for the company for record’s sake. This is quite important, as it determines whether you can be relieved from work for the day or not. I believe my boss isn’t too fussy about me producing the medical certificate; but I guess it’s good for record’s sake, once again.

Well, I’m going to take a good rest and hopefully it will be a better tomorrow… cheerio!

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