Foyce Le Xuan Speaks Up

March 14, 2010 · Posted in Entertainment Industry 

On Jack Neo’s latest sex scandal, besides Wendy Chong who sparked a series of media confrontation and a 5-minute news conference, this time it is Foyce Le Xuan, Jack’s subordinate in his J Team.

According to Foyce, she did not have physical sexual intimacy with his boss; but displayed a couple of evidence that it was initiated from Jack Neo. A show was aired on Friday night to the audience of Singapore as the interviewer went around asking questions and opinions from the public. Foyce was one of them, who gave a detailed account of what happened during her contract with the J Team.

Whatever it is, the public gave their side of the story, Foyce gave hers. What’s important is, this is still one side of the story – Jack did not gave his. I don’t imply Jack should provide his side; ultimately, the public should stop living in the past and let things move on. Do you think that policemen still wear shorts these days?

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