Friday Mood – Mindless and Clueless

May 23, 2008 · Posted in Rant Corner 

Question ManMy mood is low today; not it is not moody, but feeling the sense of mind floating in a dimensionless space where its trajectory follows the path of any forcing function applied to it. Even the thought of ex-schoolmates gathering tonight does not seem to “hyper-activate” me.

It is already the 4th quarter of the month in May in the year 2008. This number seems very special, exactly 30 years since my eyes experience light on earth. When I viewed back, I wondered how far have I come until today.

Interestingly, I realised, and probably have the feeling, that I have experienced quite a bit. However, in terms of achievement, I am neither too delighted nor disappointed. It was just about as expected.

Whilst on the bus this morning to work, I began to think about how life works for people who are completely penniless and abandoned in the street with completely no asset. Then, I wondered what if I was in that position; to give up everything (material assets) that I have now (but of course, what I am unable to give up are non-material assets, such as knowledge, experiences and skills).

Assume that one day, I arrived in the street of New York City, completely unclothed, with no belonging. Knowing no one and penniless, how do I survive? In that sense, it is definitely the challenge where the fittest will survive. In order to do that, one has to remain healthy; hence, food and water are the two most essential needs to keep one going. The second essential needs are the clothings and a place of dormancy. These are particularly important to reduce heat loss; thereby reduces energy exertion. Thirdly, probably the least you can control, is luck. On days when one is fortunate, opportunity will come your way, either to meet someone, or perhaps to “upgrade” oneself.

The art of survival is not about jungle survival. In the modern world, where food is available (abundant), one cannot simply walk into a restaurant and out from there without paying a single cent. In places where rich people live, are going to be even far more difficult.

There is only a slight difference to the key of survival, as I thought. It’ll knowledge, coupled with skills and experience that I have brought with me for the past 30 years. I’m sure waking up every other day to see there is a chance to see the light, should be possible. The only two things are, only to be defeated by 1) physical disability, and 2) the end of life.

Anyway, I’m just feeling mindless and clueless on a Friday morning; albeit it should be a day where employees are feeling at the top of the world. Nonetheless, life should still goes on for me.

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