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Gradual Increase in Site Traffic for Q3 2009

September 19, 2009 · Posted in Site Info 

Site Progress

It has been quite some time back since I last made a post on my blog. Well, that’s simply because I have been caught up with work and the hectic schedule had literally kept me away from all Internet entertainment. However, this is also a good opportunity for me to research on my site’s progress, given a period of dormancy, what would likely to be the outcome.

As you can see from the graph above (data extracted from Google Analytics); since the last post made earlier this month, there is a trend of increment, which is particularly interesting. Without any new content posted, the traffic continues to grow, albeit at a slower rate.

From my analysis, Internet continues to be the big brother of Technology and Information Highway. There is always interactions (defined as all forms of communication, including businesses, consumers, leisure, etc.) and if anyone is looking for making money on the site, it is still something to go into.

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