Graduation Day – PhD

October 30, 2008 · Posted in Thesis 

Today is probably one of the most significant days in my life, as I graduated from National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM) with conferring of the title of Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering.

This is a finally long wait after 5 years later; but I’m glad that it is done and dusted.

Waking up at about 6am in the morning, I took a warm shower and dressed myself up with white long-sleeve shirt, long black pants, leather belt, black jacket, black wool coat and a dark red necktie. I left the apartment at about 0645 hrs and arriving the bus stop half-an-hour later, to catch Bus Number 67A to Maynooth, Co. Kildare. The trip took me one hour.

Upon arrival at the destination, I proceeded to collect my gown at the Riverlodge Room. My gown is pretty special; a red piece of gown and a hat. Normally guys do not have a hat, but because mine is PhD degree, it will come with a hat. After this, I walked to the Humanity House to register for the ceremony, which is held in Aula Maxima.

The entire ceremony is slightly one hour over. Guess what makes today special; it is not just only the PhD graduation ceremony, but also the surprising blessing from the environment (climate), it snows! White fluffy ice was falling gently from the sky and that makes me feel so special. Normally, it does not rain (or rather, snow) at this time of the year in Ireland. Previously, I only experienced snow when it is around January or February, but this year, it’s so special, probably because the god wanted me to undergo a memorable PhD ceremony.

The graduation ceremony lasted just over one hour; my number is 107, which is the last number. To my surprise, Li Tianji, a friend of mine from Hamilton Institute, is also having his PhD ceremony today! His number is 106, just right in front of me. Both of us were the only graduands from Hamilton Institute, the only ones graduating with PhD (Engineering).

After which, I paid a visit to Hamilton Institute to see all the people there (ex-colleagues). It was a great time to visit all of them. Some people were there, some were not and others were no longer there. Nonetheless, I had a good time chatting with everyone of them, as I do not know when the next time we would get to meet again. These people stay in Europe, and I am all the way east in Asia.

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